Schimperi Iter Abyssinicum. Sectio secunda
(IndExs #1508560767)
Abbreviation: Schimper, Iter Abyssin. Sect. Sec. [Esslingen]
Editor(s): Schimper, G.[H.]W.
Range: ? (more than 1400)
Notes: fungi/lichens, algae/cyanobacteria, bryophytes, spermatophytes, pteridophytes; preceded by Schimper, Iter Abyssin. Sect. Pr. [Esslingen] (#1- more than 400); superseded by Hohenacker, Schimper Pl. Abyssin. Ed. II [Esslingen] (#?1-?1200); this series was numbered but the distributed sets have many omissions; for information on the joint stock company "Unio itineraria" located in Esslingen see Wörz (2007)