Jones, St. Clair, Hollinger, Cooper, Rosentreter, et. al., Anderson & Shushan Lich. W. N. Amer
Jones, H.; St. Clair, L.L.; Hollinger, J.; Cooper, L.S.; Keuler, R.; Rosentreter, R.; Leavitt, S.D. [176-200]
IndExs #2147199897

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Catalog #: WIS-L-0151784
S. Leavitt #20-088 05 September 2020
Rhizoplaca arbuscula (Rosentr.) Rosentr., St. Clair & Leavitt
United States, Montana, Carbon, Shoshone National Forest, Beartooth Plateau, alpine zone of the Middle Rockies, along Highway 212 (Beartooth Highway), ca. 0.7 km north of Montana/Wyoming border, upslope along north side of Highway