Jones, St. Clair, Hollinger, Cooper, Rosentreter, et. al., Anderson & Shushan Lich. W. N. Amer
Jones, H.; St. Clair, L.L.; Hollinger, J.; Cooper, L.S.; Keuler, R.; Rosentreter, R.; Leavitt, S.D. [176-200]
IndExs #2147199897

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Catalog #: WIS-L-0151797
S. Leavitt #19-036 23 April 2019
Rhizoplaca haydenii (Tuck.) W.A. Weber
United States, Wyoming, Albany, Laramie Basin, eastern side of Laramie, on prominent limestone hill, northwest of the intersection of Grand Avenue with Old Stone Quarry Road