Jones, St. Clair, Hollinger, Cooper, Rosentreter, et. al., Anderson & Shushan Lich. W. N. Amer
Jones, H.; St. Clair, L.L.; Hollinger, J.; Cooper, L.S.; Keuler, R.; Rosentreter, R.; Leavitt, S.D. [176-200]
IndExs #2147199897

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Catalog #: WIS-L-0151786
S. Leavitt #19-136 18 July 2019
Rhizoplaca arbuscula (Rosentr.) Rosentr., St. Clair & Leavitt
United States, Utah, Rich, east side of Monte Cristo Range and west of Randolph, in “Foothill Shrublands and Low Mountains” of the Wyoming Basin, on hilltop ca. 200 m. south of Dry Canyon Road and north of Dry Canyon