Steiner & Poelt, Lichenoth. Afgh. [Graz]
Steiner, M. & Poelt, J. [1-78]
IndExs #121147334

Lichen Herbarium of the Museum of Evolution, Uppsala University
Catalog #: L-011305
D. Podlech s.n. 10 April 1977
Lecanora dispersa (Pers.) Sommerf.
Afghanistan, Kabul

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Catalog #: WIS-L-0147536
D. Podlech #Pod 57/4 10 April 1977
Myriolecis dispersa (Pers.) Śliva, Zhao Xin & Lumbsch
Afghanistan, Kabul, Prov. KABUL: Paghman Mountains, above the village of Paghman, about 500 m below the fork of the valley Chap-Darrah and Rast-Darrah