Rare Lichens of South Carolina
Sensitive species checklist for: South Carolina
Authors: Herrick Brown
Locality: South Carolina (33.916900, -80.895700)

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Families: 2
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[Cetradonia linearis (Evans) J.-C. Wei & Ahti, Cladonia linearis A. Evans]
[Lichen caninus var. polydactylon (Neck.) Lightf., Lichen polydactylon Neck., Peltidea polydactyla var. polydactyla (Neck.) Ach., Peltidea polydactylon (Neck.) Ach., Peltigera canina var. polydactylon (Neck.) Branth & Rostr., Peltigera polydactylon (Neck.) Hoffm., Peltigera polydactylon f. polydactylon (Neck.) Hoffm., Peltigera polydactylon subsp. udeghe Magain, Miadl. & Sérus., Peltigera polydactylon var. major Schaer., Peltigera polydactylon var. polydactylon (Neck.) Hoffm., Peltigera rufescens var. polydactylon (Neck.) Torss.]