Global IUCN List of Least Concern Species of lichen-forming, lichenicolous and allied fungi.
Authors: IUCN SSC Lichen Specialist Group

Citation: IUCN SSC Lichen Specialist Group (2022) Global IUCN List of Least Concern Species of lichen-forming, lichenicolous and allied fungi. Consortium of Lichen Herbaria, available at (Accessed on yyyy-mm-dd).


This checklist includes only species assessed as Least Concern of the lichen-forming, lichenicolous and allied fungi currently included in the global red-list published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Notes: last updated August 2022

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Families: 7
Genera: 17
Species: 23
Total Taxa: 23

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[Bacidia abducens (Nyl.) Zahlbr., Bacidia abductans (Nyl.) Zahlbr., Biatora leucampyx Tuck., Biatora schweinitzii Fr. ex E. Michener, Patellaria granulosa (Hoffm.) DC.]
[Alectoria corneliae Gyeln., Alectoria fremontii Tuck., Alectoria tenerrima Motyka, Alectoria tortuosa G. Merr.]
[Parmelia confoederata W.L. Culb.]
[Canoparmelia amabilis Heiman & Elix, Parmelia caroliniana Nyl., Pseudoparmelia caroliniana (Nyl.) Hale]
[Parmelia baltimorensis Gyeln. & Fóriss, Pseudoparmelia baltimorensis (Gyeln. & Fóriss) Hale]
[Flavoparmelia caperata f. caperata (L.) Hale, Flavoparmelia caperata f. sorediosa (Müll. Arg.) S.Y. Kondr., Flavoparmelia caperata var. caperata (L.) Hale, Imbricaria caperata (L.) DC., Lichen caperatus L., Lobaria caperata (L.) Hoffm., Parmelia caperata (L.) Ach., Parmelia caperata f. caperata (L.) Ach., Parmelia caperata f. saxicola Müll.Arg., Parmelia caperata f. sorediosa Müll.Arg., Parmelia caperata var. caperata (L.) Ach., Parmelia caperata var. sorediosa F. Wilson, Parmelia flavicans (Tuck.) Herre nom. illegit., Parmelia herreana Zahlbr., Parmelia negativa Gyeln., Parmelia perlata subsp. flavicans Tuck., Parmelia perlata var. flavicans Tuck., Parmotrema caperatum (L.) M. Choisy, Platisma caperatum (L.) Hoffm., Pseudoparmelia caperata (L.) Hale]
[Cetrariastrum nepalense (Taylor) W.L. Culb. & C.F. Culb., Everniastrum nepalense (Taylor) Hale ex Sipman, Parmelia nepalensis Taylor]
[Lecanora caesiorubella subsp. lathamii Imshaug & Brodo, Lecanora caesiorubella subsp. prolifera (Fink) R.C. Harris, Lecanora pallida subsp. prolifera Fink ex J. Hedrick, Lecanora subpallida G. Merr.]
[Geissodea saxatilis (L.) J. St.-Hil., Imbricaria saxatilis (L.) Körb., Imbricaria saxatilis f. nigrescens Britzelm., Imbricaria saxatilis f. saxatilis (L.) Körb., Imbricaria saxatilis var. omphalodes (L.) Körb., Imbricaria saxatilis var. saxatilis (L.) Körb., Lichen laciniatus var. saxatilis (L.) Weiss, Lichen saxatilis L., Parmelia quercina f. furfuracea (Schaer.) Zahlbr., Parmelia saxatilis f. caesiopruinosa Nyl. ex Cromb., Parmelia saxatilis f. furfuracea Schaer., Parmelia saxatilis var. aizonii Delise ex Duby, Parmelia saxatilis var. furfuracea (Schaer.) Linds., Parmelia saxatilis var. panniformis, Parmotrema saxatile (L.) M. Choisy, Parmotrema saxatile var. aizoni (Delise) M. Choisy, Parmotrema saxatile var. saxatile (L.) M. Choisy, Platysma saxatile (L.) Frege]
[Foraminella ambigua (Hoffm.) S.L.F. Mey., Lichen ambiguus Wulfen nom. illegit., Lichen ambiguus var. albescens Wahlenb., Lichen ambiguus var. ambiguus Wulfen nom. illegit., Lobaria ambigua (Hoffm.) Hoffm., Parmelia ambigua (Hoffm.) Ach., Parmelia conspersa var. ambigua Zahlbr., Parmelia viridosoredians Elix, Placodium ambiguum (Hoffm.) Frege, Squamaria ambigua Hoffm.]
[Foraminella hyperopta (Ach.) S.L.F. Fricke-Meyer, Imbricaria aleurites var. hyperopta (Ach.) Jatta, Imbricaria hyperopta (Ach.) Körb., Parmelia hyperopta Ach., Parmelia hyperopta var. angustifolia Hillmann, Parmelia hyperopta var. hyperopta Ach., Parmeliopsis diffusa (Körb.) Poetsch, Parmeliopsis diffusa f. albidula Gyeln., Parmeliopsis diffusa f. albosorediata (Gyeln.) Gyeln., Parmeliopsis diffusa f. angustifolia (Hillmann) Gyeln., Parmeliopsis diffusa f. diffusa (Körb.) Poetsch, Parmeliopsis diffusa f. fuscisorediata (Gyeln.) Gyeln., Parmeliopsis diffusa f. roseola Gyeln., Parmeliopsis diffusa var. diffusa (Körb.) Poetsch, Parmeliopsis diffusa var. evanescenti-virens Gyeln., Parmeliopsis diffusa var. obsessa (Ach.) Zahlbr., Parmeliopsis hyperopta f. hyperopta (Ach.) Vain., Parmeliopsis hyperopta var. hyperopta (Ach.) Vain.]
[Imbricaria crinita (Ach.) Arnold, Imbricaria proboscidea (Taylor) Jatta, Parmelia chlorocarpa Müll. Arg., Parmelia crinita Ach., Parmelia crinita var. crinita Ach., Parmelia crinita var. inactiva H. Magn., Parmelia perforata subsp. crinita (Ach.) Tuck., Parmelia perlata f. dissectula Nyl., Parmelia proboscidea Taylor, Parmelia proboscidea f. bulbifera Hue, Parmelia proboscidea f. proboscidea Taylor, Parmelia proboscidea f. sorediifera (Müll.Arg.) Müll.Arg., Parmelia proboscidea var. corallina Müll.Arg., Parmelia proboscidea var. eciliata J.D. Zhao, Parmelia proboscidea var. ornatula Zahlbr., Parmelia proboscidea var. proboscidea Taylor, Parmelia proboscidea var. saxicola Sambo, Parmelia proboscidea var. sorediifera Müll.Arg., Parmotrema crinita (Ach.) M. Choisy]
[Imbricaria hypotropa (Nyl.) Jatta, Parmelia hypotropa Nyl., Parmelia perforata var. hypotropa (Nyl.) Tuck.]
[Imbricaria perforata (Wulfen) Körb., Lichen perforatus Jacq., Lobaria perforata (Wulfen) Michx., Parmelia erecta E. C. Berry, Parmelia hypotropoides Nyl. ex Willey, Parmelia perforata (Jacq.) Ach., Parmelia perforata f. integra Kremp., Parmelia perforata var. microspora Räsänen, Parmelia perforata var. replicata Meyen & Flot., Parmelia perforata var. santiagoënsis Räsänen, Parmelia perlata var. perforata (Jacq.) Koltz, Parmotrema perforata (Jacq.) A. Massal., Platisma perforatum (Wulfen) Hoffm.]
[Dimelaena setosa (Ach.) Trevis., Parmelia hispidula Ach., Parmelia setosa Ach., Physcia hispidula (Ach.) Frey, Physcia hispidula subsp. exornatula (Zahlbr.) Poelt, Physcia hispidula subsp. hispidula (Ach.) Frey, Physcia hispidula subsp. primaria Poelt, Physcia setosa (f. virella) B. de Lesd., Physcia setosa f. deminuta Cromb., Physcia setosa f. setosa (Ach.) Nyl., Physcia setosa f. sulphurascens Zahlbr., Physcia setosa f. virella B. de Lesd., Physcia setosa var. albociliata B. de Lesd., Physcia setosa var. exornatula Zahlbr., Physcia setosa var. setosa (Ach.) Nyl.]
[Chlorodictyon foliosum J. Agardh, Ramalina reticulata Taylor]
[Gyrophora phaea (Tuck.) Nyl.]