Lichen-forming, lichenicolous and allied fungi of the Falkland Islands
Authors: Alan Fryday
Locality: (-51.796000, -59.524000)

This checklist is based upon the published checklist (Fryday et al. 2019) but includes recently described species and other subsequent changes. Click on the species name to view the species description and images, and on the icon to the right to view related collections.

A provisional identification key to the species can be downloaded from my personal website


Fryday, AM, Orange, A, Ahti, T, Øvstedal, DO, Crabtree, DE. 2019. An annotated checklist of lichen-forming and lichenicolous fungi reported from the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas). Glalia 8(1): 1–100.

Fyday, AM, Wheeler, TB, Etayo, J. 2021. A new species of Aspicilia (Megasporaceae), with a new lichenicolous Sagediopsis (Adelococcaceae), from the Falkland Islands. Lichenologist 53(4): 307–315.

Orange, A. 2018. A new species-level taxonomy for Trapelia (Trapeliaceae, Ostropomycetidae) with special reference to Great Britain and the Falkland Islands. Lichenologist 50(1): 3–42.

Orange, A. 2020. Lithocalla (Ascomycota, Lecanorales), a new genus of leprose lichens containing usnic acid.  Lichenologist 52(6): 425–435.

Øvstedal, D, Lindblom, L. Knudsen, K. Fryday, AM. 2018. A new species of Acarospora (Acarosporaceae, Acarosporales, lichenized i) from the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas). Phytotaxa 340(1): 86–92.

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Families: 63
Genera: 155
Species: 401
Total Taxa: 406

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Habitat: silicous rocks near penguin rookeries, Distribution: Endemic: known from only two localities on the north shore of Saunders Island., Vouchers: ; Alan M. Fryday 11338 [MSC], Alan M. Fryday 11346 [MSC]
Habitat: silicous rocks at high altitude. Distribution: Endemic; known only from one site each on East Falkland (Mt Usborne) and West Falkland (Mt Maria), Vouchers:
= Catillaria contristans (sensu Fryday et al. 2019)
= M. carnosa (South American records)