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CNALH Projects


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Arctic Flora

Managers: Arctic Lichen Biodiversity Project


Managers: ASU Lichen Herbarium


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Managers: Frank Bungartz


Managers: S.T. Bates


Managers: Alba Yánez-Ayabaca, Tania Oña, Ángel Raymundo Benítez Chávez, Fredy Nugra & Frank Bungartz
El Inventario de Líquenes del Ecuador es administrado por el Grupo Ecuatoriano de Liquenología (GEL). El objetivo principal del proyecto es agregar información sobre la biodiversidad de los hongos liquenizados del país.


Managers: Roger Rosentreter & Ann DeBolt


Managers: James Colbert


Managers: Scott LaGreca

North America (USA, Canada & Mexico)

Managers: Frank Bungartz

North and South Carolina

Managers: Gary B. Perlmutter & Scott A. LaGreca

Southern Subpolar Region

Managers: Alan Fryday
The Southern Subpolar Region is here taken to be the area between the Antarctic Divergence and Subtropical Convergence. This region is often referred to as the Subantarctic, but that name refers to that part of the region south of the Antarctic Convergence, which has colder summers and a complete lack of arboreal vegetation (Øvstedal & Lewis Smith 2001). As trees are present on some of the areas under consideration they should not be considered "Subantarctic" and so the term "Southern Subpolar" is preferred.

The International Working Group on Taxonomic Databases for Plant Sciences (TDWG) (Brummitt 2001) include in their -Subantarctic Islands- region:
Australasia: Macquarie Island.
South Atlantic: Falkland Islands, South Georgia, South Shetland Islands, South Orkney Islands, Bouvetøya (all except the Falkland Islands included in Antarctica by Øvstedal & Lewis Smith 2001).
Indian Ocean: Tristan da Cunha & Gough Island, Prince Edward & Marion Islands, Crozet Island, Kerguelen, Heard & MacDonald Islands, St Paul Island & New Amsterdam.

Visit the Lichens of the Southern Subpolar Region website for more information on this project.

U.S. National Parks

Managers: Jim Bennett
The U.S. National Park project contains over 29,000 records of documented occurrences of lichens in units of the U. S. National Park System. The records were obtained from the scientific literature, National Park Service reports, and the University of Minnesota Herbarium. Unpublished herbarium records from other herbaria are not included because they cannot be cited. Over 511 references reporting almost 2,550 lichen species from 151 park units are included. Only parks with reported lichens are included in the database. We have been unable to locate lichen references for other parks in the National Park system. Visit NPLichen: A Database of Lichens in the U.S. National Parks for more information on the project. All lichen names were standardized to Version 13 (2008) of Esslinger's Checklist of North American Lichens.

This database was developed jointly by James P. Bennett, U. S. Geological Survey and University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI and Clifford M. Wetmore, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN. Funding for this database was provided by the U. S. Geological Survey, Madison, WI and the Great Lakes Network Office, National Park Service, Ashland, WI.


Managers: Jim Bennett
Becoming the lichen flora of Wisconsin, replacing and updating Thomson's flora, and the Bennett checklist. Includes two national park units.