About and Acknowledgements

All data provided through CNALH are maintained by individual data providers; they are responsible for data maintenance and accuracy. Institutions and individual researchers participate by managing their records either as live data set or as regularly updated snapshots. As a participating partner you are welcome to contribute occurrence records, specimen images, species descriptions and, as expert on a particular group of lichenized fungi, you are welcome also to improve the character matrix used in interactive keys. Data accuracy depends on the participants, who can use occurrence records to generate checklists of local, regional, national and international scope.
Backbone of this biodiversity data portal is a Taxonomic Thesaurus focusing on the lichenized fungi. Although this portal has a regional focus on biodiversity of North America, participating institutions and researchers will also find this portal useful to manage specimen records from all over the world. For data from different geographic regions focusing on different species groups please check out other Symbiota Portals and our "Associated Projects" from the menu at the top of this site.
In North America CHALH is a useful resource for land managers, environmental interests groups, government agencies, etc., who need to obtain accurate, verifiable, specimen based, geo-referenced distribution data of lichenized fungi. Generally all information available through this portal is accessible to the general public, although occurrence records of sensitive and rare species are by default hidden and accessible only with an appropriate account.
CNALH was initially created to integrate databases between Arizona State University (ASU) and the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden (SBBG). Since then, the Consortium has expanded significantly into a network of contributors from all across North America. Today CNALH is administered at ASU and hosted at iDigBio.
As a regular visitor we invite you to join. Create your own account today! If you need access to specific resources, want to contribute occurrence records or images, report errors or simply provide feedback please do not hesitate to contact us at CNALHadmin@asu.edu.