OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum var. cirsodes%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum var. complicatum%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum var. miniatum%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum f. adventivicola%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum f. adventivicolum%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum f. aetneum%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum f. hypomelana%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum f. miniatum%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum f. papillosum%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum f. umbilicatum%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum var. aetneum%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum var. andinum%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum var. cephaloideum%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum var. complicatissimum%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum var. diffractum%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum var. imbricatum%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum var. meuselianum%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum var. panniforme%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum var. papillosum%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum var. umbilicatum%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Dermatocarpon miniatum var. fulvofuscum%') OR (o.tidinterpreted IN(56441,127811,127812,144374,145410,199477,199478,199479,204684,228450,127983,138755,145488,145827,160348,188764,197269,199909,199910,199911,199912,199913,199914,199915,199916,199917,199918,199919,199988,199989,199990,199991,200049,205086,215439,228451,144468,144469,144470,144471,144472,144473,144474,144475,144476,144477,144478,144479,144480,144482,144483,144484,144485,261954)) CNALH Collection Search Parameters
Dataset: All Collections
Taxa: Dermatocarpon miniatum, Dermatocarpon miniatum var. cirsodes, Dermatocarpon miniatum var. complicatum (Dermatocarpon complicatum, Endocarpon complicatum, Dermatocarpon complicatum var. aetneum, Dermatocarpon complicatum var. complicatissimum, Dermatocarpon complicatum var. complicatum, Lichen complicatus, Lichen miniatus var. complicatus), Dermatocarpon miniatum var. miniatum (Caloplaca saxicola subsp. miniata, Endocarpon miniatum, Entosthelia miniata, Lobaria miniata, Umbilicaria miniata, Capnia miniata, Endocarpon miniatum var. aetneum, Endocarpon miniatum var. cirsodes, Endocarpon miniatum var. compactum, Endocarpon miniatum var. complicatissimum, Endocarpon miniatum var. imbricatum, Endocarpon miniatum var. miniatum, Endocarpon miniatum var. monstrosum, Endocarpon miniatum var. panniforme, Endocarpon miniatum var. papillosum, Endocarpon miniatum var. polyphyllum, Endocarpon miniatum var. umbilicatum, Entosthelia miniata var. complicata, Entosthelia miniata var. miniata, Entosthelia miniata var. panniformis, Entosthelia miniata var. papillosa, Epistictum miniatum, Lichen miniatus, Rhodocarpon miniatum, Lichen miniatus var. miniatus), Dermatocarpon miniatum f. adventivicola, Dermatocarpon miniatum f. adventivicolum, Dermatocarpon miniatum f. aetneum, Dermatocarpon miniatum f. hypomelana, Dermatocarpon miniatum f. miniatum, Dermatocarpon miniatum f. papillosum, Dermatocarpon miniatum f. umbilicatum, Dermatocarpon miniatum var. aetneum, Dermatocarpon miniatum var. andinum, Dermatocarpon miniatum var. cephaloideum, Dermatocarpon miniatum var. complicatissimum, Dermatocarpon miniatum var. diffractum, Dermatocarpon miniatum var. imbricatum, Dermatocarpon miniatum var. meuselianum, Dermatocarpon miniatum var. panniforme, Dermatocarpon miniatum var. papillosum, Dermatocarpon miniatum var. umbilicatum, Dermatocarpon miniatum var. fulvofuscum
Search Criteria: Alaska; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Harry D. Thiers Herbarium at San Francisco State University

SFSU-L-004097B. Lachelt   7891986-08-22
United States, Alaska

Idaho Museum of Natural History

IDS-L-0001222K. Dillman   2671993-08-15
United States, Alaska, Tongass National Forest, Stikine-LeConte Wilderness Area, Elbow Mountain. Quad Bradfield Canal C-6, 914m

University of Alaska Museum of the North Herbarium

UAMb:Herb:804Leslie A. Viereck, Anore Bucknell   44601800-01-01
United States, Alaska, Bering Strait District: Vicinity of the Kukpuk River

UAMb:Herb:805unknown   1800-01-01
United States, Alaska, Bering Strait District: Vicinity of the Kukpuk River

UAMb:Herb:52830Karen Dillman   2000-1182000-07-20
United States, Alaska, Cleveland Peninsula, Lake McDonald., 55.96617 -131.835, 100 - 100m

University of Colorado, Museum of Natural History Herbarium Lichen Collection

COLO-L-0015462L. Viereck   44191960-07-31
United States, Alaska, Bering Strait District: Ogotoruk Creek drainage, 68.083333 -165.533333, 0 - 610m

COLO-L-0015468L. Viereck   46601960-08-23
United States, Alaska, North Slope, Bering Strait District: Vicinity of the Kukpuk River including steep slopes and ridges to the east of the river, Angamarkroq Mt., 68.233333 -165.416667, 91 - 427m

University of Washington Herbarium

WTU-L-011575A. S. Foster   s.n.1913-07-03
U.S.A., Alaska, Southeast, Howkan Bay., 54.868968 -132.81124

University of Wisconsin - Madison

WIS-L-0049455D.J. Cooper   CL- 3541980-06-28
United States, Alaska, Yukon-Koyukuk, Endicott Mts. of Brooks Range: Arrigetch Creek valley, 67.441667 -154.083333, 853m

WIS-L-0049456L.A. Viereck   46601960-08-23
United States, Alaska, Bering Strait District: Vicinity of the Kukpuk River including steep slopes and ridges to the east of the river; Angamarkroq Mt., 68.233333 -165.416667, 91 - 427m

WIS-L-0049576Stephen Talbot   7001987-09-02
United States, Alaska, Duck Island, Cook Inlet, 60.15 -152.55, 5m

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