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Taxa: Caloplaca pellodella (Caloplaca amabilis, Pyrenodesmia elaeodes, Caloplaca conglomerata, Caloplaca peregrina, Caloplaca plumbeo-olivacea, Callopisma conglomeratum, Caloplaca conglomerata var. conglomerata, Lecanora pellodella, Caloplaca sideritis var. elaeodes, Caloplaca arizonica, Pyrenodesmia pell... (show all)
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Arizona State University Lichen Herbarium

ASUL031071T.H. Nash III   119001975-10-24
Mexico, Sonora, 34 km W of Sonoyta along Route 2, 31.9666667 -113.15, 370m

ASUL031070C.M. Wetmore   793251998-01-01
Mexico, Baja California Sur, below top of Sierra Agua Verde (part of the Sierra San Francisco), 27.5905556 -113.0197222, 1200m

C.M. Wetmore   63809
Mexico, Baja California, 3 km WNW of Laguna Capala. On mountain slope at border of Lower Colorado Valley, 29.45 -114.4166667, 780m

Mayrhofer   10272
Mexico, Baja California, 31 km E of El Rosario, 30.0333333 -115.5, 350m

C.M. Wetmore   79231
Mexico, Baja California, Cerro los Enjambres, 29.3941667 -114.3916667

C.M. Wetmore   79325
MEXICO, Baja California Sur, Sierra San Francisco, small cliff on the NW-facing slope of Sierra Agua Verde above secondary road from route 1 to San Francisco de la Sierra, 27.5877778 -113.0575, 900m

Bell Museum of Natural History, lichen section, Univ. of Minnesota

837486Wetmore, C.   638091988-01-06
Mexico, Baja California, 3 km Wnw of Laguna Chapala, 29.45 -114.4166667

857799Wetmore, C.   793251998-01-01
Mexico, Baja California Sur, Sierra San Francisco, Top, Sierra Agua Verde, 27.59055556 -113.0197222

857826Wetmore, C.   792311997-12-30
Mexico, Baja California, 2 km Wnw of Laguna Chapala, 29.39416667 -114.3916667

Swedish Museum of Natural History, Lichens

F104932Clifford M. Wetmore   792311997-12-30
Mexico, Baja California, Baja California Along lower slopes of Cerro los Enjambres and ca. 2 km WNW of, Laguna Chapala, Vizcaino Region of the Sonoran Desert (Agave, Ambroisia, Bursera, Idria, Opuntia), 700 m, 29°23’39’’N, 114°23’30’’W.

University of Alaska Museum of the North Herbarium

Caloplaca arizonica E.D. Rudolph (non H. Magn.) nom. illegit.
UAMb:Herb:18808unknown   1800-01-01

University of Colorado, Museum of Natural History Herbarium Lichen Collection

COLO-L-0006454A.C. Skorepa   56531969-12-00
Mexico, Oaxaca, 4 mi. W of Mitla

Page 1, records 1-12 of 12

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