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Taxa: Nephroma laevigatum (Nephroma lusitanicum, Nephroma hibernicum, Nephroma laevigatum var. lusitanicum, Nephroma lusitanicum f. exasperatum, Nephroma lusitanicum f. hibernicum, Nephroma lusitanicum f. lusitanicum, Nephroma lusitanicum f. minutocarpum, Nephroma lusitanicum f. panniforme, Nephroma lusitanicum var. endoflavum, Nephroma lusitanicum var. fimbriatum, Nephroma lusitanicum var. hibernicum, Nephroma lusitanicum var. lusitanicum, Nephroma lusitanicum var. sublusitanicum, Nephroma lusitanicum var. subreagens, Peltigera laevigata, Nephromium laevigatum, Nephromium lusitanicum, Nephromium subtomentellum, Opisteria laevigata, Opisteria lusitanica, Peltidea laevigata, Nephromium laevigatum f. laevigatum, Nephromium laevigatum f. sublividum, Nephromium laevigatum var. laevigatum, Nephromium laevigatum var. reagens, Nephromium laevigatum var. subtomentellum, Nephromium lusitanicum f. lusitanicum, Nephromium lusitanicum f. panniforme, Nephromium lusitanicum var. exasperatum, Nephromium lusitanicum var. hibernicum, Nephromium lusitanicum var. lusitanicum, Nephromium lusitanicum var. normannum), Nephroma laevigatum f. exasperatum, Nephroma laevigatum f. filarszkyanum, Nephroma laevigatum f. glomelliferum, Nephroma laevigatum f. laevigatum, Nephroma laevigatum f. normannum, Nephroma laevigatum f. panniforme, Nephroma laevigatum f. papyraceum, Nephroma laevigatum f. reagens, Nephroma laevigatum f. sublividum, Nephroma laevigatum var. laevigatum, Nephroma laevigatum var. papyraceum, Nephroma laevigatum var. sublusitanicum
Search Criteria: Maine; Acadia; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Arizona State University Lichen Herbarium

522928T.J. Sullivan   40311984-07-17
USA, Maine, Hancock, Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island, SE of Uncle Dick Hill (S of Round Pond), 44.35064 -68.37898

Bell Museum of Natural History, lichen section, Univ. of Minnesota

657225Egan, R.   60981974-10-13
United States, Maine, Hancock, Mt. Desert Island; Acadia National Park

754513Sullivan, T.   19361983-07-15
United States, Maine, Knox, Isle Au Haut, Merchants Cove; Acadia National Park

755248Wetmore, C.   463071983-06-21
United States, Maine, Hancock, The Triad, Se Side; Acadia National Park, 44.32027778 -68.23638889

756274Sullivan, T.   19531983-07-15
United States, Maine, Knox, Isle Au Haut, Merchants Cove; Acadia National Park

757488Wetmore, C.   461331983-06-20
United States, Maine, Hancock, Eagle Lake, S End; Acadia National Park, 44.35027778 -68.25055556

769193Sullivan, T.   40311984-07-17
United States, Maine, Hancock, Uncle Dick Hill, Se of; Acadia National Park

769643Sullivan, T.   31831984-06-28
United States, Maine, Knox, Isle Au Haut, Long Pond; Acadia National Park

780261Sullivan, T.   50861985-06-30
United States, Maine, Hancock, Day Mt. Along The Cleft; Acadia National Park

822896Llano, G.   s.n.1941-07-14
United States, Maine, Hancock, Mt. Desert Island, Champlain Mt.; Acadia National Park

822918Llano, G.   s.n.1941-07-11
United States, Maine, Hancock, Mt. Desert Island, Deer Brook Trail; Acadia National Park

Brigham Young University

BRY-L-0011169Robert S. Egan   sl-7270, El-60981974-10-13
United States, Maine, Hancock, Acadia National Park: Mount Desert Island, vicinity of Jordan Pond: north of Seal Harbor

George Safford Torrey Herbarium

CONN01001357Bernard Goffinet   92002004-07-00
United States, Maine, Hancock, Mont Desert Island. Acadia National Park. Town of Bar Harbor. Jordon Pond. Along carriage road W of Jordan Pond House.

Kent State University Lichen Herbarium

2411Tom├ís Curtis   2017-07-03
United States, Maine, Hancock County, natural area behind Acadia's Oceanside Meadows Inn, Gouldsboro, 44.416595 -68.014377

New York Botanical Garden

02376693E. Lay   05-01022005-06-28
United States of America, Maine, Hancock Co., Southwest Harbor Township, Acadia National Park, east side of Bernard Mt. between confluence of South Face and Sluiceway Trails, 44.30072 -68.36856, 213 - 274m

Private Herbarium of T. L. Esslinger Herbarium

hb. Esslinger
0014610Robert S. Egan   El-60931974-10-13
United States, Maine, Hancock, Mt. Desert Island; Acadia National Park; vicinity of Jordan Pond; N of Seal Harbor., 44.33 -68.25

United States National Herbarium - Smithsonian

T. Sullivan   31831984-06-28
United States, Maine, Knox, Acadia National Park, Isle au Haut. NW end of Long Pond.

R. S. Egan   El-60981974-10-13
United States, Maine, Hancock, Mt. Desert Island, Acadia National Park, vicinity of Jordan Pond, N of Seal Harbor.

University of Nebraska at Omaha Herbarium

4445   60981974-10-13
United States, Maine, Hancock, Acadia National Park; Jordan Pond, N of Seal Harbor

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