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Taxa: Bactrospora brevispora
Search Criteria: Mexico; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University - Lichens

PH00145672Clifford M. Wetmore   721231993-02-18
Mexico, Baja California Sur, 20 km west of Highway 1 along road to Puerto CancĂșn, 24.58333 -111.6, 70m

Arizona State University Lichen Herbarium

ASUL013607C.M. Wetmore   638501989-01-07
Mexico, Baja California, Between Laguna Manual and Punta Santo Domingo, 28.2333333 -114.1, 25m

Bell Museum of Natural History, lichen section, Univ. of Minnesota

887436Wetmore, C.   797681998-01-09
Mexico, Baja California Sur, 15 km S of Rosarito, 28.52638889 -114.0416667

887569Wetmore, C.   721771993-02-19
Mexico, Baja California Sur, 8 km N of Ciudad Constitution, 25.16666667 -111.7166667

887573Wetmore, C.   721231993-02-18
Mexico, Baja California Sur, On Road To Puerto Cancun, 24.58333333 -111.6

887640Wetmore, C.   638501989-01-07
Mexico, Baja California, Laguna Manuela And Punta Santo Do Go, 28.23333333 -114.1

887658Wetmore, C.   636431989-01-04
Mexico, Baja California, Ocean Shore, W of San Quintin, 30.46666667 -116.0333333

Natural History Museum, University of Oslo

145775Clifford M. Wetmore   638501989-01-07
Mexico, Baja California, between Laguna Manuel and Punta Santo Domingo. On hills above ocean in southern Vizcaino Region of the Sonoran Desert, 28.2333 -114.1, 1 - 50m

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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