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Taxa: Umbilicaria muhlenbergii (Actinogyra muhlenbergii, Gyrophora muhlenbergii, Actinogyra muhlenbergii var. alpina, Actinogyra muhlenbergii var. muhlenbergii, Gyrophora muehlenbergii var. alpina), Umbilicaria muhlenbergii var. alpina, Umbilicaria muhlenbergii var. diffissa, Umbilicaria muhlenbergii var. muhlenbergii
Search Criteria: Maine; Acadia; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Illinois Natural History Survey

ILLS00100209J.L. Crane   s.n.1973-07-24
United States, Maine, Acadia National Park, Mount Desert Island, Lowland woods

Morton Arboretum

L-0015467-MORDouglas Ladd   70021982-09-24
U.S.A., Maine, Hancock, Acadia National Park. On west face of Champlain Mountain; at mid-slope opposite the Tarn.

L-0015468-MORDouglas Ladd   70001982-09-24
U.S.A., Maine, Hancock, Acadia National Park; on west face of Champlain Mountain, near mid-slope, opposite the Tarn.

New York Botanical Garden

1360021Thomas J. Sullivan   12751983-07-05
United States, Maine, Hancock, ACADIA NATIONAL PARK. Mt. Desert Isl. S end of Huguenot Head and W base of Champlain Mt. Along rock boulders at base and saddle between. In maple, birch, oak and pitch pine woods.

Shirley C. Tucker Herbarium at Louisiana State University

LSU00150222Shirley C. Tucker   278621986-08-19
United States, Maine, Hancock, Rocky summit of Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park, Mount Desert Island., 44.353 -68.225

LSU00150223Shirley C. Tucker   279381986-08-20
United States, Maine, Hancock, Brown Mountain Gatehouse carriage road near Upper Hadlock Pond off State Hwy. 198. Acadia National Park, Mount Desert Island., 44.32 -68.29

LSU00150225A. Norden   6641974-06-04
United States, Maine, Hancock, Acadia National Park, Blackwoods Camp Area., 44.309511 -68.205684

Towson University Biodiversity Center

BALT-L-0003710A. Norden   6641974-06-04
USA, Maine, Hancock, Mount Desert Island, Acadia National Park, at Blackwoods Camping Area.

University of Maine Herbaria

MAINE-L-0006917Thomas J. Sullivan   18471983-07-14
United States, MAINE, KNOX, Acadia National Park. Isle au Haut. SW of Duck Harbor Mt. along Western Head Trail. Isle au Haut, 44.03 -68.63

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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