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Taxa: Heterodermia tropica (Anaptychia tropica)
Search Criteria: Arizona; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Arizona State University Lichen Herbarium

T.H. Nash III   210101983-09-03
United States, Arizona, Cochise, Chiricahua Mountains, along Turkey Creek near end of road, 31.85 -109.3166667, 2100m

R.A. Darrow   19281946-11-10
United States, Arizona, Pima, Palisade Ranger Station, Santa Catalina Mountains, 32.4108333 -110.7141667, 2500m

R.A. Darrow   16351943-08-23
United States, Arizona, Pima, Mt. Lemmon, Santa Catalina Mountains, 32.4333333 -110.7833333, 2805m

R.A. Darrow   19081945-05-18
United States, Arizona, Cochise, Chiricahua Mountains, Rucker Canyon, 31.7833333 -109.3333333, 2012m

W.S. Creighton   S-2931951-08-01
United States, Arizona, Cochise, Head of Ramsey Canyon, Huachuca Mountains, 31.4888889 -110.4075, 3100m

Boise State University Lichen Herbarium

Heterodermia tropica (Kurok.) Sipman
SRP-L-0006290Roger Rosentreter   150582002-04-21
U.S.A., Arizona, Pima, North of Tucson, Arizona. Santa Catalina Mountains, Mount Lemon East Plot., 32.327999 -110.705597, 2439m

Brigham Young University

BRY-L-0007200Thomas H. Nash   108511975-05-19
United States, Arizona, Apache, Manzano Mountains, Pinus ponderosa, Abies concolor, Pseudotsuga menziesii forest, north facing slope

Page 1, records 1-7 of 7

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