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Taxa: Buellia nashii
Search Criteria: Mexico; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Arizona State University Lichen Herbarium

ASUL019750T.H. Nash III   372011994-07-21
Mexico, Chihuahua, Small ridge within Barranca del Cobre above Basihuare, 27.45 -107.4888889, 2000m

ASUL019748T.H. Nash III   137661976-06-07
Mexico, Chihuahua, along route 10, ca. 40 km SE of Nuevo Casas Grandes, 30.1666667 -107.6333333, 1470m

ASUL019749T.H. Nash III   138171976-06-13
Mexico, Chihuahua, along route 45, ca. 19 km S of Villa Matamores, between Parral and Durango, 26.5666667 -105.4666667, 1710m

ASUL019746T.H. Nash III   26320-b1989-01-06
Mexico, Baja California, mountain slope 3 km WNW of Laguna Chapala, border of the Lower Colorado Valley, 29.45 -114.4166667, 780m

ASUL019747T.H. Nash III   398151998-01-03
Mexico, Baja California Sur, along road from Mulege to Rancho la Ballena and 4 km W of junction to Mision Guadalupe near Mision San Miguel, 26.7430556 -112.2958333, 500m

ASUL019745T.H. Nash III   262851989-01-05
Mexico, Baja California, about 8 km S of El Rosario, 30 -115.7, 90m

ASU0060725T.H. Nash III   6742-A1976-03-20
Mexico, Coahuila, 3 km W of the paved road at the Dolores sign., 26 -101

University of California, Riverside Lichens (in transfer to SBBG)

UCR(temp):In transfer
SBBG004598LT.H. Nash III   6742c1976-03-20
Mexico, Coahuila, Ca. 3km W of the paved road at the Delores sign., 26 -101

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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