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Taxa: Buellia disciformis (Buellia parasema, Hafellia disciformis, Buellia parasema var. triphragmia, Buellia parasema var. polyspora), Buellia disciformis f. disciformis, Buellia disciformis f. microcarpa, Buellia disciformis f. microspora, Buellia disciformis f. rugulosa, Buellia disciformis f. vulgata,... (show all)
Search Criteria: Mexico; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Bell Museum of Natural History, lichen section, Univ. of Minnesota

865820Orcutt, C.   1391910-09-00
Mexico, San Luis Potosi, Villar

918597Wetmore, C.   638611989-01-07
Mexico, Baja California, Laguna Manuela And Punta Santo Do Go, 28.23333333 -114.1

California Academy of Sciences

449297William Harrison Emig   s.n.
Mexico, Along International Hwy. at 300 km post--300 km from Mexico City-between Jacala and Tamazunchale

Farlow Herbarium of Cryptogamic Botany, Harvard University

Buellia disciformis (Fries) Mudd
barcode-00390002C. R. Orcutt   1910-00-00
Mexico, [data not captured]

Herbario de Líquenes de la Universidad Bemerita de Puebla, México

R.E. Pérez-Pérez   57132017-00-00
México, Oaxaca, Alrededor del Paraje Yutaadata, San Vicente Nuñú, Teposcolula, 17.469478 -97.427306, 2413 - 2413m

University of California Berkeley, University Herbarium

UC1893476Wiggins, McMurphy   s.n.1931-04-18
Mexico, Baja California, Vizcaino Desert

University of Nebraska State Museum, C.E. Bessey Herbarium - Lichens

NEB00025840C.G. Pringle   1111889-05-28
Mexico, S. de la Leilla.

NEB00025848J.G. Smith   s.n.

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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