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Taxa: Imshaugia aleurites (Parmeliopsis aleurites, Cetraria aleurites, Imshaugia aleurites f. vulnerata, Lobaria pallescens, Parmelia aleurites, Parmeliopsis aleurites f. aleurites, Parmeliopsis aleurites f. diffusa, Parmeliopsis aleurites f. eualbescens, Parmeliopsis aleurites f. obsessa, Parmeliopsis aleurites f. pityreiformis, Parmeliopsis aleurites f. vulnerata, Parmeliopsis aleurites var. albescens, Parmeliopsis aleurites var. albidula, Parmeliopsis aleurites var. aleurites, Parmeliopsis aleurites var. pityreiformis, Parmeliopsis aleurites var. roseola, Parmeliopsis aleurites var. vulnerata, Parmeliopsis pallescens, Imbricaria aleurites, Lichen aleurites, Parmelia aleurites var. aleurites, Parmelia aleurites var. diffusa, Parmeliopsis pallescens f. angustifolia, Parmeliopsis pallescens f. diffusa, Parmeliopsis pallescens f. pallescens, Parmeliopsis pallescens f. subalpina, Parmeliopsis pallescens f. vulnerata, Parmeliopsis pallescens var. albosorediata, Parmeliopsis pallescens var. angustata, Parmeliopsis pallescens var. angustifolia, Parmeliopsis pallescens var. fuscisorediata, Parmeliopsis pallescens var. pallescens, Parmeliopsis pallescens var. pityreiformis, Parmeliopsis pallescens var. vulnerata, Squamaria aleurites), Imshaugia aleurites f. aleurites, Imshaugia aleurites var. aleurites, Imshaugia aleurites var. pityreiformis
Search Criteria: Massachusetts; Berkshire; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Cornell University Plant Pathology Herbarium

Imshaugia aleurites (Ach.) S. F. Meyer
CUP-L-0008109Scott LaGreca   20432010-08-23
USA, Massachusetts, Berkshire, Windsor State Forest: Windsor Jambs. West side of gorge, along trail.

Farlow Herbarium of Cryptogamic Botany, Harvard University

Imshaugia aleurites (Ach.) S. F. Meyer
barcode-00438232[data not captured]   6891910-07-22
United States of America, Massachusetts, Berkshire County, Lanesboro

Michigan State University

Imshaugia aleurites (Ach.) S. F. Meyer
MSC0059815Imshaug, Henry A   240961958-09-13
United States, Massachusetts, Berkshire, New York; At summit of Mt. Greylock, 1064m

New York Botanical Garden

Imshaugia aleurites (Ach.) S.L.F.Mey.
02796542E. Lay   95-09211995-06-07
United States of America, Massachusetts, Berkshire Co., Sheffield. Black Rock. Tr. from Berkshire School, 42.1228 -73.4214

General Observation and Personal Collections

Imshaugia aleurites (Ach.) S. F. Meyer
Elisabeth Lay   95-09211995-06-07
USA, Massachusetts, Berkshire, Black Rock.Tr. from Berkshire School, through mixed mesic hardwoods to south-facing outcrop with solution pits to summit. Possible calcareous lower part and upper part., 42.122778 -73.421389

Page 1, records 1-5 of 5

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