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Taxa: Hypogymnia physodes (Parmelia oregana, Parmelia physodes, Parmelia duplicata var. douglasicola, Hypogymnia physodes f. labrosa, Hypogymnia physodes f. platyphylla, Hypogymnia physodes f. subtubulosa, Hypogymnia physodes f. vittatoides, Hypogymnia physodes var. labrosa, Hypogymnia physodes var. platyphylla, Lobaria physodes, Menegazzia physodes, Parmelia physodes f. cassidiformis, Parmelia physodes f. corallina, Parmelia physodes f. deserti, Parmelia physodes f. elegans, Parmelia physodes f. epiphylla, Parmelia physodes f. euphysodes, Parmelia physodes f. foraminifera, Parmelia physodes f. formicata, Parmelia physodes f. fuscescens, Parmelia physodes f. granulosa, Parmelia physodes f. isidiosa, Parmelia physodes f. lugubris, Parmelia physodes f. luxurians, Parmelia physodes f. maculans, Parmelia physodes f. minor, Parmelia physodes f. neosorediosa, Parmelia physodes f. papillosa, Parmelia physodes f. physodes, Parmelia physodes f. pinicola, Parmelia physodes f. pseudofarinacea, Parmelia physodes f. rugosa, Parmelia physodes f. stigmatea, Parmelia physodes f. subcrustacea, Parmelia physodes f. sublugubris, Parmelia physodes f. subtubulosa, Parmelia physodes f. vittatoides, Parmelia physodes var. compacta, Parmelia physodes var. fulvescens, Parmelia physodes var. glaucoides, Parmelia physodes var. labrosa, Parmelia physodes var. leucina, Parmelia physodes var. lugubris, Parmelia physodes var. mesotropa, Parmelia physodes var. mundata, Parmelia physodes var. physodes, Parmelia physodes var. pinnata, Parmelia physodes var. placorhodioides, Parmelia physodes var. platyphylla, Parmelia physodes var. prolificans, Parmelia physodes var. pseudofarinacea, Parmelia physodes var. rugosa, Parmelia physodes var. sublugubris, Parmelia physodes var. tenuis, Parmelia platyphylla, Parmelia vitatta, Physcia physodes, Ceratophyllum physodes, Imbricaria physodes, Lichen physodes, Ceratophyllum physodes var. fulvescens, Ceratophyllum physodes var. labrosa, Ceratophyllum physodes var. luxurians, Ceratophyllum physodes var. physodes, Ceratophyllum physodes var. platyphylla, Imbricaria physodes f. physodes, Imbricaria physodes f. subcrustacea, Parmelia ceratophylla var. physodes), Hypogymnia physodes f. cassidiformis, Hypogymnia physodes f. elegans, Hypogymnia physodes f. epiphylla, Hypogymnia physodes f. foraminifera, Hypogymnia physodes f. granulosa, Hypogymnia physodes f. isidiosa, Hypogymnia physodes f. maculans, Hypogymnia physodes f. minor, Hypogymnia physodes f. physodes, Hypogymnia physodes f. pinnata, Hypogymnia physodes f. stigmatea, Hypogymnia physodes f. subcrustacea, Hypogymnia physodes f. sublugubris, Hypogymnia physodes var. physodes
Search Criteria: Only include occurrences with coordinates; Lat: 64.07220 - 65.54937 Long: -145.72266 - -141.76758; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Private Herbarium of T. L. Esslinger Herbarium

hb. Esslinger
0024983Theodore L. Esslinger   195392011-06-22
United States, Alaska, East-central Alaska, ca. 6.2 miles southeast of town of Central along road to Circle Hot Springs, 65.4995 -144.675967, 268m

University of Alaska Museum of the North Herbarium

UAMb:Herb:53683Marty Hoffman   1986-07-26
United States, Alaska, No specific locality recorded., 65.21374 -143.13044, 290 - 290m

UAMb:Herb:53682Marty Hoffman   1986-07-27
United States, Alaska, No specific locality recorded., 65.27862 -143.25116, 343 - 343m

UAMb:Herb:53684Marty Hoffman   1986-07-27
United States, Alaska, No specific locality recorded., 65.27864 -143.23392, 335 - 335m

UAMb:Herb:49993Jay Selza   07-0671800-01-01
United States, Alaska, Yukon Charley Rivers National Preserve; Kathul Mt. Grid Point #25, 65.3487783 -142.3310717, 474 - 474m

University of Colorado, Museum of Natural History Herbarium Lichen Collection

COLO-L-0019241Johnson   331956-07-07
United States, Alaska, Southeast Fairbanks, Big Delta 11A, 64.416667 -144.583333, 1067m

University of Wisconsin - Madison

WIS-L-0021892John W. Thomson   180421967-08-06
United States, Alaska, Eagle Summit Tundras Mile 108, Steese Hwy., 65.483333 -145.483333

Page 1, records 1-7 of 7

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