OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. abortiva%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. anablastematica%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. carpophora%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. ceratostelis%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. chlorophaeoides%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. chordalis%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. conista%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. cornigera%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. denticulata%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. fibula%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. fimbriata%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. integra%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. lacunosoides%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. minor%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. squamulosa%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. subcornuta%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. subprolifera%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. subulata%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. tortuosa%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata var. acuminata%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata var. adspersa%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata var. ambigua%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata var. antilopaea%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata var. borbonica%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata var. chlorophaeoides%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata var. chondroidea%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata var. coniocraea%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata var. fimbriata%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata var. longipes%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata var. minor%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata var. prolifera%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata var. pseudoreagens%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata var. pulverulenta%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata var. subacuminata%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata var. tubaeformis%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata var. ustulata%') OR (o.sciname LIKE 'Cladonia fimbriata f. prolifera%') OR (o.tidinterpreted IN(53409,63763,141622,141624,141642,141650,141997,141998,197893,204834,205056,205318,227246,141607,141608,141610,141612,141613,141614,141615,141616,141617,141618,141619,141620,141621,141623,141625,141626,141627,141628,141629,141630,141631,141632,141633,141635,141636,141637,141638,141640,141641,141643,141646,141647,141648,141651,141655,141656,261161)) CNALH Collection Search Parameters
Dataset: All Collections
Taxa: Cladonia fimbriata (Cladonia major, Cladonia fimbriata f. major, Cladonia fimbriata f. nemoxyna, Cladonia fimbriata var. major, Cladonia fimbriata var. simplex, Cladonia major f. major, Cladonia major f. prolifera, Cladonia minor f. simplex, Lichen fimbriatus, Lichen major, Lichen simplex, Cenomyce pyxidata var. fimbriata), Cladonia fimbriata f. abortiva, Cladonia fimbriata f. anablastematica, Cladonia fimbriata f. carpophora, Cladonia fimbriata f. ceratostelis, Cladonia fimbriata f. chlorophaeoides, Cladonia fimbriata f. chordalis, Cladonia fimbriata f. conista, Cladonia fimbriata f. cornigera, Cladonia fimbriata f. denticulata, Cladonia fimbriata f. fibula, Cladonia fimbriata f. fimbriata, Cladonia fimbriata f. integra, Cladonia fimbriata f. lacunosoides, Cladonia fimbriata f. minor, Cladonia fimbriata f. squamulosa, Cladonia fimbriata f. subcornuta, Cladonia fimbriata f. subprolifera, Cladonia fimbriata f. subulata, Cladonia fimbriata f. tortuosa, Cladonia fimbriata var. acuminata, Cladonia fimbriata var. adspersa, Cladonia fimbriata var. ambigua, Cladonia fimbriata var. antilopaea, Cladonia fimbriata var. borbonica, Cladonia fimbriata var. chlorophaeoides, Cladonia fimbriata var. chondroidea, Cladonia fimbriata var. coniocraea, Cladonia fimbriata var. fimbriata, Cladonia fimbriata var. longipes, Cladonia fimbriata var. minor, Cladonia fimbriata var. prolifera, Cladonia fimbriata var. pseudoreagens, Cladonia fimbriata var. pulverulenta, Cladonia fimbriata var. subacuminata, Cladonia fimbriata var. tubaeformis, Cladonia fimbriata var. ustulata, Cladonia fimbriata f. prolifera
Search Criteria: Canada; Yukon; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Bell Museum of Natural History, lichen section, Univ. of Minnesota

677290Ostafichuk, M.   50821973-07-06
Canada, Yukon, Mt. Klotz, 1.2 Mi S of

T. L. Esslinger Herbarium

hb. Esslinger
0024786Theodore L. Esslinger   199542011-07-03
Canada, Yukon, along the Haines Highway (Hwy. 3) ca. 58 miles south of Haines Junction at roadside parking area, 60.03965 -136.883467, 854m

University of British Columbia Herbarium

UBC-University of British Columbia:UBC
L2579J. Lambert   s.n.1964-06-29
Canada, Yukon, trout lake, south shore, n-facing, 152m

UBC-University of British Columbia:UBC
L3186J. Lambert   s.n.1964-06-29
Canada, Yukon, trout lake, south shore, n-facing, 152m

University of Wisconsin - Madison

WIS-L-0032388John W. Thomson   219861967-07-17
Canada, Yukon, "Brewster service" Mile 96 Haines Hwy. Mountain above sevice station, 60.233333 -136.983333, 914m

WIS-L-0032389G. W. Douglas   68041973-08-04
Canada, Yukon, Kluane National Park, Upper Kathleen Lake, ca. 3/4 mi E, 732m

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