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Taxa: Acarospora contigua
Search Criteria: Arizona; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Arizona State University Lichen Herbarium

S. Shutters   502003-02-14
United States, Arizona, Maricopa, Maricopa Mountains, 9.7 km south of Interstate 10 on highway 85, 33.0833333 -112.65, 220m

S. Shutters   1192003-01-31
United States, Arizona, Maricopa, 3.2 km south of Canyon Lake, along state highway 88, 33.5202778 -111.4419444, 490m

ASUL002045R.A. Darrow   14051938-11-28
United States, Arizona, Pima, North slope of "A" Mountain, Tucson Mountains, 32.2166667 -111.0166667, 762m

ASUL002046R.A. Darrow   1440-a1937-08-20
United States, Arizona, Coconino, San Francisco Peaks, 35.3333333 -111.6666667, 3354m

ASUL012578Garry Neil   32015-02-01
United States, Arizona, Yavapai, Doe Mountain Trail - at summit, Red Rock Ranger District, Coconino National Forest, 34.891014 -111.860817, 1542m

ASUL003322A. Morrow   652019-03-04
United States, Arizona, Pinal, At the junction of Pinto Creek and Forest Road 287A in Tonto National Forest, 33.438076 -111.0689, 1048m

ASUL032776Zachary Shappell   582022-04-02
United States, Arizona, Santa Cruz County, Santa Rita Mountains south of Tucson, Montosa Canyon east of Forest Service Road 4099, east of Amateur Astronomy Pads and Frewd Lawrence Whipple Observatory, 1513m

Duke University Herbarium Lichen Collection

336611Lutzoni, François; Miadlikowska, Jolanta; Fraker, Emily; Kauff, Frank; Gueidan, Cécile; Hofstetter, Valerie   AZ112005-03-09
United States, Arizona, Pima Co., Coronado National Forest. Near Tucson, Molino Canyon Vista, 32.327 -110.7006667, 1192m

University of Washington Herbarium

WTU-L-025231Kenneth Lowe   SW202002-08-01
U.S.A., Arizona, Yavapai, Mingus Mountain area. Off Potato Patch Trail. Prescott National Forest., 2287m

Research Observation and Personal Collections

Lindley, S.   17b2020-03-04
USA, Arizona, Maricopa, Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve, N of Phoenix, W of Adobe Dam Regional Park, E of Skunk Creek, 33.677387 -112.154806, 419m

Daniel Moses   122020-03-04
United States, Arizona, Gila, Boyce Thompson Arboretum, 33.27983 -111.15583

S.J. Swanson   L-132020-01-29
United States, Arizona, Gila, Along N Bush Highway (state highway 206), cliffs and slopes above and along N Steward Mountain Wash, 33.563927 -111.543437, 490 - 500m

Britton McNerlin   202022-01-26
United States, Arizona, Maricopa, Along Apache Trail (state highway 88), Apache Gap, two thirds from Apache Junction to Canyon Lake, 33.518278 -111.4575, 651m

Page 1, records 1-13 of 13

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