Dataset: CDS-Lichens
Taxa: Leucodermia boryi (Heterodermia boryi, Anaptychia neoleucomelaena, Anaptychia boryi, Heterodermia leucomelos subsp. boryi, Anaptychia boryi var. boryi, Anaptychia neoleucomelaena f. neoleucomelaena, Anaptychia neoleucomelaena f. sorediosa, Anaptychia neoleucomelaena f. squarrosa, Anaptychia neoleucomelaena var. neoleucomelaena, Anaptychia neoleucomelaena var. squarrosa, Heterodermia boryi f. boryi)
Search Criteria: Ecuador; Galápagos; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Duke University Herbarium Lichen Collection

Heterodermia boryi (Fée) Kr.P. Singh & S.R. Singh
187038Weber, William, A.; Lanier, Jeannine   s.n.1976-05-11
Ecuador, Galápagos, Isla Isabela, Rim of the cladera of Volcan Alcedo., 700m

Lichen Herbarium of the Museum of Evolution, Uppsala University

Heterodermia boryi (Fée) K. P. Singh & S. R. Singh
L-097183W.A. Weber & Jeannine Lanier   1976-05-11
Ecuador, Galápagos, Abundant on the slender twigs of various shrubs, esp. Zanthoxylum fagara mist zone on rim of carter of Volcan Alcedo; occuring with A. leucomelaena but highly distinct because of its distinctly pendent habitus, slender terete branches and circinate bra

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Leucodermia boryi (Fée) Kalb
WIS-L-0111055W.A. Weber   s.n.1976-05-11
Ecuador, Galápagos, Isla Isabela; crater rim of Volcan Alcedo, -0.4022 -91.14395

Page 1, records 1-3 of 3

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