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Taxa: Geltingia associata (Lecidea associata, Biatora leptostigma, Lecidea leptostigma, Lithographa andrewii, Nesolechia associata, Nesolechia leptostigma, Xylographa andrewii, Biatora leptostigma var. leptostigma, Biatora leptostigma var. propagulifera, Biatora leptostigma var. sorediosa, Nesolechia associata var. associata, Nesolechia associata var. diversispora)
Search Criteria: Alaska; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Michigan State University

Geltingia associata (Th. Fr.) Alstrup & D. Hawksw.
MSC0082580Fryday, Alan M   8400
United States, Alaska, Arctic Alaska; Barrow: on mound in damn tundra at IBP site., 71.2944412 -156.6833344

University Museum of Bergen

Geltingia associata (Th.Fr.) Alstrup & D. Hawksw.
77213/1T. Tønsberg   329302003-08-22
United States, Alaska, NNW of Skagway N of Dyea, W of Taiya River, just W of/along Dyea Rd, 59.5198 -135.3503

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Geltingia associata (Th. Fr.) Alstrup & D. Hawksw.
WIS-L-0105728Barbara M Murray   41791970-07-25
United States, Alaska, Nuvagapak Pt,Beaufort Lagoon, Demarcation Point Quad., 24m

Geltingia associata (Th. Fr.) Alstrup & D. Hawksw.
WIS-L-0105729John   55341958-07-16
United States, Alaska, Along the Pitmegea River, 15 miles upstream from Cape Sabine, 68.8 -164.333333

Uppsala University Exsiccati

Geltingia associata (Th. Fr.) Alstrup & D. Hawksw.
F-125657Tor Tönsberg   298002001-05-26
United States, Alaska, Cordova, N of Copper River Hwy, along Saddlebag Glacier Trail, at the creek from Saddlebag Lake

Page 1, records 1-5 of 5

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