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Taxa: Graphis immersella
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Australian National Herbarium

CBG 9603559.1Elix, J.A.   341641993-08-20
Australia, Queensland, Carnarvon National Park, Hellhole Gorge, Koolaroo Creek, 93 km NNW of Injune., -25.0667 148.2, 540 - 540m

CANB 628916.1Lepp, H.   702612000-07-29
Australia, Near Daniel Roux Cave., -10.4431 105.6611, 70 - 70m

CANB 804845.1Elix, J.A.   445482006-08-07
Australia, Queensland, Tully Falls National Park, 12.6 km S of Ravenshoe., -17.6992 145.5233, 885 - 885m

CBG 8000021.1Streimann, H.   93201979-08-29
Australia, Queensland, Balfour Range, 29 km SE of Nanango, on Brisbane Valley Highway., -26.8667 152.2, 400 - 400m

CANB 888785.1Louwhoff, S.H.J.J.   6941999-06-28
New Caledonia, Grande Terre: Mt Mou, near Sanitarium entrance., -22.0833 166.3667, 500 - 500m

Herbario de Líquenes de la Fundación Charles Darwin para las Islas Galápagos, Ecuador

Graphis immersella Müll. Arg.
44695Dal-Forno, M.   12262010-00-00
Ecuador, Galápagos, Santa Cruz, farm of Don Cabrera between Bellavista and Cascajo, ca. 1 km W of Cascajo, -0.677472 -90.289277, 249m

Michigan State University

MSC0022899Imshaug, Henry A   303151963-08-04
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, The West Indies; St. Vincent: Richmond Bay, on leeward side, Parish of St. David.

MSC0024149Imshaug, Henry A   1963-11-19
Dominica, The West Indies; Dominica; River valley east of Pointe Michel, Parish of St. Luke, 15.258308 -61.359885, 61m

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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