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Arizona State University Lichen Herbarium

Usnea serpentaria (Motyka) Motyka
224951V. Schiffner   
Indonesia, Java, Island of Java, on hillside of Gunnung Pasir near Gadok, 500m

Bacidia triseptata (Hepp) Zahlbr.
225046C. van Overeem   
Indonesia, Java, Botanical Garden Buitenzorgensi

225123C. van Overeem   
Indonesia, Java, Tjibodas Park on Gedeh Mountain, 1800m

Cetrelia sanguinea (Schaer.) W.L. Culb. & C.F. Culb.
501953G.E. Du Rietz   18-a1927-10-03
Indonesia, Java, Java, Res. Pasuruan, G. Ardjuno, track from Lalidjiwa to Ardjuno-top, -7.75 112.5333333

502007E. Nyman   1481898-07-18
Indonesia, Java, Mt. Gede, Lebak-Saat, -6.7833333 106.9833333

Anzia angustata (Pers.) Müll.Arg.
506396L.K. Wade   81221966-08-01
Indonesia, New Guinea, Eastern Highlands, Keglsugl-Pindaunde Trail, slopes S of Kombugomambuno, Mt. Wilhelm, -5.7666667 144.9833333, 3048m

Anzia gregoriana Müll.Arg.
506403L.J. Brass   97021938-09-13
Indonesia, New Guinea, Mt. Wilhelmina, middle camp, 3400m

Ramalina celastri (Sprengel) Krog & Swinscow
507504M. Togashi   1975-03-29
Indonesia, Bali, Tabanan, Mt. Batur, Penolokar, -8.2371 115.3769, 5000m

Cladia aggregata (Sw.) Nyl.
514172W.A. Weber   L-488741968-06-30
Indonesia, New Guinea, Eastern Highlands, Bismarck Ranges, Mt. Wilhelm, track to summit, 3963m

563402S. Kurokawa   21281964-03-12
Indonesia, Java, Mountain Garden of Tjibodas, 1400m

Page 1, records 1-10 of 10

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