Dataset: C
Taxa: Mycosphaerellaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Natural History Museum of Denmark: The Herbarium of Lichens

Stigmidium epiramalina (Vouaux) Hafellner
1391Torfinn Reve   1995-08-09
Faroe Islands, Nólsoy, Eggjarklettur, 61 -6, 200 - 200m

5160Steen N. Christensen   1980-08-06
Scotland, Seil, Ballachuan, c. 20 km S Oban

5654Mogens Skytte Christiansen   1972-07-16
Switzerland, Valais, Gueroz, between Martigny and Salvan, near bridge Gorges du Trient, 700 - 700m

Stigmidium fuscatae (Arnold) R. Sant.
5661Mogens Skytte Christiansen   1951-07-27
Denmark, Bornholm, 47, Bornholm, Rønne, Onsbæk, 55 14

Stigmidium congestum (Körb.) Triebel
5691Mogens Skytte Christiansen   1943-05-30
Denmark, Zealand, 37, Falster, Falkerslev sogn, Virket Lyng, 54 11

Stigmidium marinum (Deakin) Swinscow
14525Mogens Skytte Christiansen   1951-08-02
Denmark, Bornholm, 47, Bornholm, Melsted, 55 14

Sphaerellothecium araneosum (Rehm ex Arnold) Zopf
5918Jon Feilberg   1976-08-14
Greenland, Narssaq District, Dyrnæs

6139Svanhildur Svane   1969-07-08
Iceland, ISu, Thingvellir, Almenagja

Stigmidium microcarpum Alstrup & J.C. David
6440Kjeld Hansen   1962-08-25
Greenland, Torssukatak, 60 -46

Sphaerulina dubiella (Nyl.) D. Hawksw.
7024Anders Nordin   2003-08-09
Norway, Troms, Skibotn, between Luhcajavri and Stuoraoaivi, 650 - 700m

Stigmidium rivulorum (Kernst.) Cl. Roux & Nav.-Ros.
7119Hans Ullrich   1989-09-27
Germany, Harz Mts, Köhlertalbach

Page 1, records 1-11 of 11

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