Dataset: C
Taxa: Dothideomycetes_family_incertae_sedis
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Natural History Museum of Denmark: The Herbarium of Lichens

Endococcus gyrophorarum (Arnold) J.C. David & D. Hawksw.
5638Mogens Skytte Christiansen   1951-07-29
Denmark, Bornholm, 47, Bornholm, Vestermarie, Ekkodalen, 55 14

5639Mogens Skytte Christiansen   1967-07-26
Austria, Tirol, Igls, S of Innsbruck, Tuxergebirge, Patscherkofel, 2240 - 2240m

5640Mogens Skytte Christiansen   1942-10-28
Denmark, Zealand, 44, Horns Herred, Draaby, along sea-shore E of Kulhuse, 55 11

5646Mogens Skytte Christiansen   1948-09-12
Denmark, Zealand, 43, Sjælland, Udby, Tuse Næs, Svovlsbjerg, 55 11

Endococcus parietinarius (Linds.) Clauzade & Cl. Roux
5650Jules Richard   1880-01-05
France, Dept. Deux-Sèvres or Dept. Vienne: St. Laon

5666Mogens Skytte Christiansen   1951-07-27
Denmark, Bornholm, 47, Bornholm, Rønne, Onsbæk, 55 14

5677Mogens Skytte Christiansen   1936-09-14
Denmark, Bornholm, 47, Bornholm, Listed, 55 14

5679Mogens Skytte Christiansen   1953-06-19
Denmark, Bornholm, 47, Bornholm, Østermarie sogn, Randkløve Skår, 55 14

Endococcus stigma (Körb.) Stizenb.
5686Mogens Skytte Christiansen   1942-07-08
Denmark, Northern Jutland, 06, Nordjylland, Thy, Klim Bjerg, 57 8

Endococcus propinquus (Körb.) D. Hawksw.
5713T. W. Böcher   1942-08-13
Denmark, Zealand, 43, Sjælland, Rørvig, Nakkeland., 55 11

Cercidospora stereocaulorum (Arnold) Hafellner
6635C. Kruuse   1901-00-00
Greenland, Kap Dalton

Cercidospora lichenicola (Zopf) Hafellner
6648Joh. Gandrup   1919-08-04
Svalbard, Jan Mayen, Blytts Bjerg

Homostegia piggotii (Berk. & Broome) P. Karst.
7015René S. Larsen   2003-07-05
Wales, Tycanol Forest

Page 1, records 1-13 of 13

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