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University of Wisconsin - Madison

Sticta fuliginosa (Hoffm.) Ach.
WIS-L-0108603Lucie Kofler   3112911963-11-29
Lesotho, Basutoland. Leribe Div, Valley E. of Oxbow Camp, south facing slope, on wet basalt rocks, 3000m

WIS-L-0108604Lucie Kofler   311311963-11-03
Lesotho, Mohales Hoek, near Mphrane (10 miles N.E. of M. H.), -30 27.516667, 2500m

Acarospora schleicheri (Ach.) A. Massal.
WIS-L-0108607Lucie Kofler   s.n.1963-12-01
Lesotho, Basutoland. Leribe Div, near PEMS Mission Station, valley c. 5 miles N.E. of Leribe, -28.866667 28.05, 1700m

Punctelia stictica (Duby) Krog
WIS-L-0108611Lucie Kofler   31963-10-11
Lesotho, Basutoland, Maseru Div, Marakabei, -29.544975 28.141481, 2400 - 2500m

WIS-L-0108638L. Kofler   311611963-11-06
Lesotho, Quthing, SE side of Orange River Valley, 13 km from Quthing on the way to Mt. Moorosi, -30.306335 27.738907, 2500m

Physcia hispidula (Ach.) Frey
WIS-L-0108647L. Kofler   498111964-09-08
Lesotho, Quthing, Qomogomong, -30.416667 27.716667, 1800m

Peltula kofleri Henssen & B├╝del
WIS-L-0089559L. Kofler   s.n.1963-10-10
Lesotho, Maseru District. Marakabei Sengunyane, -29.544975 28.141481

Page 1, records 1-7 of 7

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