Merrill: Lich. Exs.
George K. Merrill [1 - 275]

Yale University Herbarium, Peabody Museum of Natural History
Catalog #: YU.240779
E. E. Bogue s.n.
Anaptychia comosa (Eschw.) Trevis.
United States, Ohio, Franklin, Georgesville; Georgesville

University of Michigan Herbarium
Catalog #: 105500
E. E. Bogue #s. n.
Heterodermia echinata (Taylor) Culb.
United States, Ohio, Georgesville

University of Colorado, Museum of Natural History Herbarium Lichen Collection
Catalog #: COLO-L-0026814
E. E. Bogue #s.n.
Heterodermia comosa (Eschw.) Follm. & Redón
United States, Ohio, Franklin, Georgesville

University of Florida Herbarium
Catalog #: FLAS L9982
E.E. Bogue s.n.
Physcia comosa Nyl.
United States, Ohio, Franklin, Georgesville