Vezda: Lich. Sel. Exs.
Antonin Vezda [1 – 2500]

Arizona State University Lichen Herbarium
Catalog #: 505764
#13745 25 January 1975
Arthonia chiodectella Nyl.
USA, Louisiana, East Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge, Balid Drive

Uppsala University Exsiccati
Catalog #: L-027111
S.C. Tucker s.n. 25 January 1975
Arthonia chiodectella Nyl.
United States, Louisiana, Baton Rouge. Baird Drive. Ad corticem in ramulis Pyracanthae coccineae.

University of Colorado, Museum of Natural History Herbarium Lichen Collection
Catalog #: COLO-L-0002077
Shirley C. Tucker #13745 25 January 1975
Pachnolepia pruinata (Pers.) Frisch & G. Thor
United States, Louisiana, East Baton Rouge, Baird Drive, East Baton Rouge