Authors: Gary B. Perlmutter
Citation: Perlmutter, G.B. 2005. Lichen checklist for North Carolina, USA. Evansia 22(2): 51-77.
Locality: North Carolina, USA (35.692990, -79.211430)
Notes: This is an updated checklist from that posted on the Checklists of Lichens webportal ( run by the University of Hamburg, Germany, which itself is an update from Perlmutter (2005) and Perlmutter & Greene (2005). This checklist includes both taxa from published sources in the literature and vouchers from the UNC Herbarium (NCU). Another version of this checklist is being developed on the North Carolina Biodiversity Project website ( wtih county occurrences based on CNALH records and literature reports.

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Families: 105
Genera: 314
Species: 1100
Total Taxa (details): 1108

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