Authors: LaGreca, S., E. Lay, D. Greene, E. Kneiper, & M. Lincoln
Citation: LaGreca, S., E. Lay, D. Greene, E. Kneiper, & M. Lincoln. 2005. The Lichens and Bryophytes of the Boston Harbor Islands. Northeastern Naturalist 12(Special Issue 3):77-98.

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Families: 35
Genera: 68
Species: 171
Total Taxa (details): 171
This species was originally reported as A. amphibola Wedd. in the publication resulting from this inventory project; it was synonymized by K. Knudsen.; E. Lay 01-0094 [FH], E. Kneiper BH647 [FH], E. Lay 02-0223 [FH], S. A. LaGreca 978 [FH], more...
This specimen, LaGreca 1084, in FH, redetermined as L. sp. by Brodo in 2008
This specimen, LaGreca 999, in FH, was determined as L. salina by Brodo in 2008. See: Brodo, 2010: Botany 88(4): 352-358. Original det, by S. LaGreca, was L. hagenii.
Originally id'd as R. confragosa. Re-determined by J. Sheard, 2010. First record for North America!; D. N. Greene 23-29-8-6-02 [FH]