Massey Herbarium (Virginia Tech) (VPI)

The small lichen collection at Virginia Tech consists mostly of Virginia collections (96%). The great majority of these are voucher specimens collected for air quality monitoring studies on national forest lands and donated by the George Washington-Jefferson National Forest. These were determined by James Lawrey, Larry St. Clair, and Jonathan Dey. A legacy collection from the Bull Run Mountains collected by H.A. Allard from 1937 to 1939 consists of 65 specimens. Physiographically, most collections are from montane regions, less than 10% from the Piedmont, and the Coastal Plain is essentially unrepresented. Most specimens are of the foliose or fruticose type, with only a few crustose or sub-crustose. The lichen collection is growing slowing with new accessions coming from diverse areas and habitats.
Contactos: Dr. Jordan Metzgar, Curator,
Tipo de Colección: Preserved Specimens
Administración: Instantánea de datos de un base de datos local
última Actualización: 18 June 2018
Metadata Digital: EML File
Estadísticas de Colección
  • 1,005 registros de especímenes
  • 343 (34%) georeferenciado
  • 2 (0.2%) con imágenes (3 imágenes en total)
  • 905 (90%) identificado a las especies
  • 38 familias
  • 98 géneros
  • 282 especies
  • 284 total taxa (including subsp. and var.)
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