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Taxa: Lecidea paupercula, Lecidea paupercula f. fuscoatrata, Lecidea paupercula f. infirmata, Lecidea paupercula f. oxydata, Lecidea paupercula f. paupercula, Lecidea paupercula f. pruinosa, Lecidea paupercula f. theodorii
Search Criteria: Alaska; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Arizona State University Lichen Herbarium

600140T.H. Nash III   134661976-07-16
USA, Alaska, Aleutians West, St. Paul Island, 57.20102 -170.25238, 6m

Canadian Museum of Nature

CANL 122820Beschel, Roland E.   147231965-08-22
United States, Alaska, Juneau Borough (AK), Juneau Icefield: Juncture Peak, Nunatak., 58.6 -134.25, 1100m

University of Colorado, Museum of Natural History Herbarium Lichen Collection

COLO-L-0022810Les Viereck   2040a1957-07-07
United States, Alaska, Anchorage, Central Pacific Coast Distr, Girdwood Mine, just below mine, 61.066667 -149.083333, 305m

University of Wisconsin - Madison

WIS-L-0016932Stephen S. Talbot   SM97-2941997-07-22
United States, Alaska, Glory of Russia Cape area, St. Matthew Island, 60.55 -172.93, 180m

WIS-L-0016931Stephen S. Talbot   11641994-08-19
United States, Alaska, Aleutians West, Adak Island, Aleutian Islands; Sea cliffs above Kuluk Bay, 51.904533 -176.61345, 2m

WIS-L-0016930Stephen S. Talbot   06591994-08-05
United States, Alaska, Aleutians West, Aleutian Islands; Adak Island; Finger Bay area, 51.827317 -176.627233, 200m

WIS-L-0016929Stephen S. Talbot   10291994-08-12
United States, Alaska, Aleutians West, Adak Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, South side of Finger Bay, 51.824517 -176.6131, 430m

WIS-L-0016928John W. Thomson   209841967-07-29
United States, Alaska, Sheep Mountain; Mile 113, Glenn Hwy., 61.83 -147.5, 1524m

WIS-L-0016927John W. Thomson   233811967-07-27
United States, Alaska, Thompson Pass Mile 25.2 Richardson Hwy., 61.17 -145.25, 838m

WIS-L-0079341Stephen S. Talbot   113-71990-07-27
United States, Alaska, Kodiak NWR; Spiridon Peninsula; Chief Cove area, 57.881667 -153.858333, 604m

WIS-L-0079342Stephen S. Talbot   13221994-08-26
United States, Alaska, Aleutians West, Aleutian Islands; Adak Island; Mountain NE of Camel Cove, 51.719933 -176.596683, 220m

WIS-L-0079343John W. Thomson   107561958-08-06
United States, Alaska, North Slope, Valley of the Okpilak River at Okpilak Lake near Mt. Michelson, 69.4 -144.083333

WIS-L-0079344Richard W. Scott   31301968-08-07
United States, Alaska, SOUTHEASTERN WRANGELL MOUNTAINS; west side of Chitistone Pass, upper slopes of Mt. Wolverine, 61.604722 -142.0575, 2256m

Page 1, records 1-13 of 13

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