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Taxa: Peltigera ponojensis
Search Criteria: Iceland; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Duke University Herbarium Lichen Collection

186006Kristinsson, Hördur   155191968-08-11
Iceland, Suður-Þingeyjarsýsla, Along the river of Jökulsá á Fjöllum, Grafarlönd Eystri, along Grafarlandaá Stream.

186002Kristinsson, Hördur   20961965-08-26
Iceland, Southern Peninsula, Syoristapi by Kleifarvatn Lake, 140m

186000Kristinsson, Hördur   160541968-06-29
Iceland, Northeastern Region, Along the river of Jökulsá à Fjöllum, Hólmatungur, 65.892 -16.484, 230m

186004Kristinsson, Hördur   232981968-08-18
Iceland, Rangárvallasýsla, Near Landmannalaugar Springs, Frostastaoahála Hill., 650m

186005Kristinsson, Hördur   162021968-06-30
Iceland, Norður-Þingeyjarsýsla, Axarfjörour District, Sveltingur.

186003Kristinsson, Hördur   221451967-07-01
Iceland, Árnessýsla, Ármannsfell Mountain., 400m

186001Kristinsson, Hördur   110531967-07-25
Iceland, Strandasýsla, þverfell Mountain near Steinadalsheioi Pass, 420m

Michigan State University

MSC0135235Kristinsson, Hordur   231831967-08-09
Iceland, Central Highland: Laugarfell, N of Hofsjökull Glacier, 730m

University of British Columbia Herbarium

L53194Hordur Kristinsson Nr.   237991996-08-05
Iceland, IMi, central Iceland, south of Hofsjokull Glacier, on the north bank of Svarta River, 64.47 -18.8, 570m

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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