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Taxa: Pycnothelia papillaria (Cladonia papillaria, Biatora epimarta, Buellia epimarta, Cetraria madreporiformis, Cladonia heteromorpha, Cladonia madreporiformis, Cladonia molariformis, Cladonia papillaria f. chthonoblastes, Cladonia papillaria f. molariformis, Cladonia papillaria f. papillaria, Lecidea epimarta, Pycnothelia madreporiformis, Pycnothelia papillaria f. molariformis, Lichen madreporiformis, Lichen papillarius, Pycnotheliomyces papillariae), Pycnothelia papillaria f. apoda, Pycnothelia papillaria f. chthonoblastes, Pycnothelia papillaria f. papillaria, Pycnothelia papillaria var. apoda
Search Criteria: Massachusetts; Berkshire; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Cornell University Plant Pathology Herbarium

CUP-L-0000270Stewart H. Burnham   s.n.1910-05-29
USA, Massachusetts, Berkshire, Mt. Greylock, Stony Ledge.

Farlow Herbarium of Cryptogamic Botany

Harvard University
barcode-00405345P. F. May   51681999-11-01
United States of America, Massachusetts, Berkshire County, Mt. Washington township, Mount Everett, elev. 790 m, within 50 m of summit tower, 42.1 -73.433333, 790m

General Observation and Personal Collections

Elisabeth Lay   94-10511994-09-28
USA, Massachusetts, Berkshire, Mt. Greylock Reservation -Stony Ledge at Bald Mtn. overlooking the Hopper towards top of Mt.Greylock; open schist outcrops -farily steep-- faces east., 42.7 -73.216667, 687m

Philip F. May   51681999-00-00
USA, Massachusetts, Berkshire, Near the summit of Mt Everett., 42.1 -73.43333, 791m

New York Botanical Garden

02544408E. Lay   94-10511994-09-28
United States of America, Massachusetts, Berkshire Co., Mt. Greylock Reservation. Stony Ledge at Bald Mountain overlooking the Hopper towards top of Mt. Greylock., 42.7 -73.2167, 787 - 787m

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Lichen Herbarium

S. C. Tucker   276891986-08-15
United States, Massachusetts, Berkshire

Pycnothelia papillaria (Ehrh.) Hoffm.
S. Tucker   276891986-08-15
United States, Massachusetts, Berkshire, 1064m

Shirley C. Tucker Herbarium at Louisiana State University

LSU00140058Shirley C. Tucker   276891986-08-15
United States, Massachusetts, Berkshire, Mount Greylock, west of North Adams, 42.666667 -73.083333, 1064m

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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