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Taxa: Catillaria (Microlecia, Ulocodium)
Search Criteria: Massachusetts; Berkshire; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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New York Botanical Garden

1181296J. C. Lendemer   224782010-06-04
United States of America, Massachusetts, Berkshire Co., Town of Pittsfield, Pittsfield State Forest, E of Lulu Cascade, N of Berry Pond Circuit Road 0.2 mi N of park office, 42.495 -73.3, 405 - 405m

General Observation and Personal Collections

Catillaria A. Massal.
Elisabeth Lay   95-10241995-05-06
USA, Massachusetts, Berkshire, Mt. Greylock State Reservation. Col between Mt. Greylock and Saddle Ball Mt. Appalachian Trail at zigzag in Rockwell Rd. Bog and transition zone between northern hardwoods + boreal., 42.631111 -73.176667

Elisabeth Lay   95-06761995-05-05
USA, Massachusetts, Berkshire, Unnamed abandoned limestone quarry 400 m south of Curran Rd.10's meters in diameter,few meters high,flat bottomed with exten- sive ground cover;scattered clumps of trees., 42.554722 -73.195, 410m

Page 1, records 1-3 of 3

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