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Taxa: Bilimbia sabuletorum (Myxobilimbia sabuletorum, Bacidia sabuletorum, Bacidia hyphophila, Mycobilimbia sabuletorum, Bacidia hypnophila, Mycobilimbia accedens, Myxobilimbia accedens, Bacidia hypnophila subsp. accedens, Bacidia hypnophila subsp. hypnophila, Bacidia lubens, Bacidia metamorphea, Bacidia sabuletorum f. dolosa, Bacidia sabuletorum f. sabuletorum, Bacidia sabuletorum f. subsphaeroides, Bacidia sabuletorum f. viridis, Bacidia sabuletorum var. accedens, Bacidia sabuletorum var. angustispora, Bacidia sabuletorum var. dolosa, Bacidia sabuletorum var. sabuletorum, Bacidia sabuletorum var. septenaria, Baeomyces sabuletorum, Biatora hypnophila, Bilimbia hypnophila, Bilimbia lubens, Bilimbia metamorphea, Bilimbia sabuletorum f. viridis, Bilimbia sabuletorum subsp. lubens, Bilimbia sabuletorum var. accedens, Bilimbia sabuletorum var. angustispora, Bilimbia sabuletorum var. septenaria, Bilimbia sabuletorum var. viridis, Lecidea hypnophila, Lecidea lubens, Lecidea metamorphea, Lecidea sabuletorum, Lecidea subretrusa, Biatora hypnophila var. hypnophila, Bilimbia hypnophila f. dolosa, Bilimbia hypnophila f. hypnophila, Bilimbia hypnophila f. killiasii, Bilimbia hypnophila var. cinnamomea, Bilimbia hypnophila var. hypnophila, Bilimbia hypnophila var. septenaria, Bilimbia sphaeroides f. dolosa, Lecidea metamorphea subsp. metamorphea, Lecidea metamorphea subsp. septenaria, Lecidea sabuletorum f. epimelas, Lecidea sabuletorum f. killiasii, Lecidea sabuletorum f. sabuletorum, Lecidea sabuletorum f. subsphaeroides, Lecidea sabuletorum var. aequata, Lecidea sabuletorum var. coniops, Lecidea sabuletorum var. enteroleuca, Lecidea sabuletorum var. muscorum, Lecidea sabuletorum var. sabuletorum, Lichen sabuletorum, Patellaria sabuletorum, Tubercularia sabuletorum, Weitenwebera sabuletorum), Bilimbia sabuletorum f. albicans, Bilimbia sabuletorum f. sabuletorum, Bilimbia sabuletorum subsp. sabuletorum, Bilimbia sabuletorum var. killiasii, Bilimbia sabuletorum var. obscuratum, Bilimbia sabuletorum var. sabuletorum
Search Criteria: Massachusetts; Berkshire; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Field Museum of Natural History

Bacidia sabuletorum (Schreb.) Lettau
C0097912FS. Higginson   5191883-00-00
U.S.A., Massachusetts, Berkshire, Stockbridge, 42.287587 -73.320386

New York Botanical Garden

Bilimbia sabuletorum (Schreb.) Arnold
1543691R. C. Harris   s.n.1982-06-10
USA, Massachusetts, Berkshire, Bartholomew's Cobble just NW of Ashley Falls.

Bilimbia sabuletorum (Schreb.) Arnold
1181319J. C. Lendemer   224542010-06-04
United States of America, Massachusetts, Berkshire Co., Town of Pittsfield, Pittsfield State Forest, E of Lulu Cascade, N of Berry Pond Circuit Road 0.2 mi N of park office, 42.495 -73.3, 405 - 405m

University of Maine Herbaria

Bilimbia sabuletorum (Schreb.) Arnold
MAINE-L-0004572P. L. Hinds or J. W. Hinds   32431995-05-07

General Observation and Personal Collections

Bilimbia sabuletorum (Schreb.) Arnold
Elisabeth Lay   94-10721994-09-28
USA, Massachusetts, Berkshire, S. Williamstown Field Farm off Sloan Rd. North Trail and Oak Loop; fields and pastures bordering mixed decid. forest; hard to find calcareous boulders/shaded/walking ferns., 42.7 -73.216667

Page 1, records 1-5 of 5

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