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Cryptothele granuliforme (Nyl.) Henssen (redirected from: Pyrenopsidium granuliforme)
Family: Lichinaceae
[Pyrenopsidium granuliforme (Nyl.) Forssell,  more]
Cryptothele granuliforme image
Thompson, J., 1997. American Arctic Lichens: The Microlichens.

Thallus crustose, of dispersed to contiguous areolae with verrucose upper sides, reddish brown to brown-black, the areolae to 2 mm broad, the upper surface dull and rough.

Apothecia immersed in areolae, the ostiole showing only as a black dot; exciple hyaline; hymenium ca. 75 µm, I+ red-brown; spores 8, ellipsoid, hyaline, simple, 8-1 X 4-6 µm.

This species grows on rocks on trickle surfaces.  It is known from Scandinavia, Finland, Greenland, and North America (Alton, N.Y., 1953, s.n., Eilif Dahl (WIS)).