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Pseudopyrenula subgregaria Müll. Arg.
Family: Trypetheliaceae
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Thallus: continuous, superficial or semi-immersed in the substrate upper surface: white, smooth photobiont: a trentepohlioid alga Perithecia: spherical, black, semi-immersed in the thallus, 0.3-0.7 mm diam. ascomatal wall: black, continuous (but thinner) below the hamathecium hamathecium: composed of branched pseudoparaphyses, anastomosing above and between the asci; filaments: c. 2 µm wide, heavily inspersed with yellowish oil droplets in gel asci: cylindrical, c. 90-110 x 12-17 µm, with 8, irregularly arranged ascospores ascospores: hyaline, fusiform to long-ellipsoid, 3-septate with distosepta leaving angular, diamond-shaped lumina, 21-24 x 6-8 µm; walls: not ornamented, without a gelatinous sheath Spot tests: all negative, UV+ yellow Secondary metabolite: lichexanthone. Substrate and ecology: on bark of unidentified woody plants World distribution: pantropical and extending somewhat northwards Sonoran distribution: only collected once on the Channel Islands (California).