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Bryonora castanea (Hepp) Poelt (redirected from: Lecanora castanea)
Family: Lecanoraceae
[Biatora castanea Hepp,  more]
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Ecology: Biotroph; lichenized; terricolous. Thallus: Indistinct or crustose, squamulose or granular. Upper Surface: Grey or brown. Reproduction Strategy: With sexual (and possible asexual) stages. Ascocarps: Apothecioid, .5-1.5 mm in diam.. Margin: Excluded. Disk: Excavate to weakly convex, brown, epruinose or pruinose. Amphithecium (thalline excipulum): Photobiont abundant. Amphithecial Cortex: Present. Episamma: With episamma (nearly always). Ascospores: 16-25 µm long, 5-7-(8) µm wide. Secondary Metabolites: Norstictic acid.