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Cladonia pseudorangiformis Asahina
Family: Cladoniaceae
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Thompson, J., 1984. American Arctic Lichens: The Macrolichens.
Primary thallus unknown. Podetia cup-less, branching at the base and repeatedly sympodially, divaricate, sometimes grouped and laterally deflexed, the axils perforate, lacking squamules or slightly squamulose at base, forming large colonies; gray to gray-green or with the tips brownish, the tips pointed; the cortex uniform or minutely areolate, toward the base the areolae becoming separate and showing the translucent cartilaginous layer between, the inner cartilaginous layer continuous. Apothecia not known.

Reactions: K+ yellow, C—, P— podetia but extracts P+ yellow.

Contents: atranorin, merochlorophaeic acid, psoromic acid.

This is a species of subalpine and maritime bogs and heaths, or in old sandy lichen woodlands in middle and boreal zones (Ahti 1962). It is an east Asian and North American species, ranging from Alaska to Newfoundland south to New England mountains and around the north side of Lake Superior.