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Bryoria americana (Motyka) Holien (redirected from: Alectoria americana)
Family: Parmeliaceae
[Alectoria americana Motyka,  more]
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Thallus pendent.  Colour brown to dark brown, often with blackened fragmentation areas. Irregularly branched, usually with wide angles, main branches often with perpendicular branches. Soralia absent to sparse, white, tuberculate or fissural, often causing the branch to recurve. Pseudocyphellae sparse, fusiform and depressed, brownish, to 1 mm long. Ascomata locally common, to 2 mm diam., disc brown, becoming convex; ascospores ellipsoid, 5·5–7 × 4–5 µm.  Conidiomata unknown.  Chemistry. Fumarprotocetraric acid in medulla and soralia (sometimes in low concentrations). Psoromic acid in apothecia.