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Leproplaca cirrochroa (Ach.) Arup, Frödén & Søchting (redirected from: Caloplaca cirrochroa)
Family: Teloschistaceae
[Caloplaca cirrochroa (Ach.) Th. Fr.]
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Samuel Brinker  
Life habit: lichenized (mutualistic with algal photobionts) thallus: placodioid-crustose, placodioid-foliose [th] upper surface: yellow(ish) (if dull: buff) | red(dish) yellow (orange, orange yellow) [th upper surface]: epruinose | pruinose [th marginal and upper surface] specific structures: present [th margin] cilia, cilioid structures: absent [th upper surface] isidia, isidioid structures: absent [th upper surface] soredia, soralia, soralioid structures: present [th] morphol substructures (eg areoles, lobes, branches) width [mm]: (min) 0.5 ascomata: absent secondary metabolites: present secondary metabolites: parietin primary photobiont: present secondary photobionts (eg in cephalodia): absent primary photobiont: chlorophytaceous – trebouxiaceous, chlorococcoid.