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Caloplaca castellana (Rasanen) Poelt
Family: Teloschistaceae
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Thompson, J., 1997. American Arctic Lichens: The Microlichens.

Thallus yellowish-ashy, parasitic on other lichens, irregularly chinky-areolate, areolae flat, dull, epruinose, soft; hypothallus lacking.


Apothecia dispersed or grouped, round, to 1 mm broad but usually less, adnate; margin thick, waxy, shining, paler than disk and more yellow; disk flat to slightly convex, dark yellowish-rusty red, epruinose, smooth; hypothecium hyaline, dense; ephymenium brownish, granular-inspersed; hymenium 65-70 µm, hyaline; paraphyses free, slender, sometimes constrictedly septate above, sometimes slightly thickened to 4-5 µm, branching, spores 13-16 X 8-10 µm, septum 2.5-3 µm.