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Allantoparmelia siberica (Zahlbr.) Essl.
Family: Parmeliaceae
[Parmelia siberica ]
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Thompson, J., 1984. American Arctic Lichens: The Macrolichens.
Thallus crustose or subcrustose, ap-pressed and tightly adnate, lobes to 0.4 mm broad, short convex and torulose, discrete; upper surface dark blackish brown to black, smooth at the periphery, soon fissured and areolate; shiny, lacking pseudocyphellae, soredia and is-idia; lower surface black, lacking rhizines. Apothecia sessile, flat, to 1.5 mm broad, margin entire, hymenium 50-58 μ; spores ellipsoid to ovoid, 8-10 x 4.5-5.5 μ.  

Reactions: cortex K—, HN03—; medulla K— , KC+ rose-red, C— , P— ,

Contents: alectoronic and a-collatolic acids plus unidentified substances.

This species grows on rocks. It is known only from eastern Siberia. But as it is known from just across the Bering Straits at Lawrence Bay and Kon-yam Bay it should be expected in Alaska. Hence it is included in this treatment.