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Helocarpon crassipes Th. Fr.
Family: Helocarpaceae
[Lecidea crassipes (Th. Fr.) Nyl.,  more]
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Thompson, J., 1997. American Arctic Lichens: The Microlichens.
Thallus of small granules to 0.3 mm broad, scattered, white to bluish white, over a varnish-like hypothallus. Apothecia adnate, becoming constricted and stipitate; margin thin, entire to disappearing; exciple well developed, of radiating hyphae, exterior dark olivaceous, K+ green; disk flat to high convex, black, bare, dull; hypothecium purplish brown, K+ very slowly purplish; epihymenium green to olive and K+ green or purple-brown and K+ purple; hymenium ca. 50 μm, hyaline, I+ blue turning red, upper part greenish or purplish brown; paraphyses coherent; asci narrowly clavate; spores simple (or 1-septate), oblong to sub fusiform or rarely ellipsoid, 9-21 x 2.5-5 μm.

This species grows over moss. It appears to be circumpolar arctic-alpine and northern boreal.