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Lecidea ramulosa Th. Fr.
Family: Lecideaceae
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Thompson, J., 1997. American Arctic Lichens: The Microlichens.
Thallus quite thick, of high verrucules and torulose, isidoid structures, a very blue-gray in the field; hypothallus indistinct, whitish. Apothecia dispersed or grouped, base constricted; margin thin, black, becoming immarginate; exciple radiate, outer part bluish brown to olivaceous, inner part pale; disk flat to becoming convex, black; hypothecium brownish to reddish brown, lower part paler; epihymenium brown; hymenium 50-60 μm, brownish to reddish brown, 1+ blue; paraphyses con-glutinate, not branched, tips not thickened; asci clavate; spores biseriate, hyaline, simple, oblong-elongate, 9-18 x 3-6 μm.

Reactions: K—, C —, KC—, P—.

This species grows characteristically in cold, moist seepages below snowbanks, in drainage rills, in late snowmelt areas, and on soil. It is high-arctic and circumpolar.