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Biatora ementiens (Nyl.) Printzen (redirected from: Lecidea ementiens)
Family: Lecideaceae
[Lecidea ementiens Nyl.]
Biatora ementiens image
Thompson, J., 1997. American Arctic Lichens: The Microlichens.
Thallus very thin, arachnoid over moss, white or gray white. Apothecia adnate, to 0.7 mm broad, black, bare; margin thin, concolorous, disappearing; exciple plectenchymatous, the columnar exterior greenish, interior hyaline; hypothecium hyaline; epihymenium pale bluish or violet-tinged to black, with violet-black granules scattered in it, as in the exciple; hymenium 40-60 μm, hyaline to pale violet, with colored grains in stripes through it, 1+ blue turning red; paraphyses coherent, only slightly thicker at tips; asci clavate; spores oblong to ellipsoid, simple, 10-14 X 3-6 μm.

Reactions: K—, C—, P—, I — .

This species grows over moss. It is circumpolar, being known from Bear Island, Siberia, Spitz -bergen, Greenland, Scandinavia, and the Northwest Territories.